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Close Protection and Personal Security

Tragopan Security Solutions provide Close Protection and Personal Security to individuals as well as corporations. We pride ourselves on suggesting end to end close protection service. We can advice to select some of the most professional, efficient, energetic and vigilant staff. They guarantees strongest security and affirm protection.

Why Chose Close Protection?

Close Security and Protection means, you have a custodian who may escort you by all the times. People hire bodyguard or Close Protection Officers to protect their family and assets. These officers protect your family, your loved ones from any mishap, kidnapping, assault or theft.

Ever seen a celebrity escorted by number of people wearing special dresses? Or an executive who attends function surrounded by number of people carrying wirelesses and weapons. Wondering why do they need these special people around them? This is because these people are trained enough to protect them from unusual happenings. The guys are called Close Protection officers and they protect their clients using numerous ways.

The close protection industry is flourishing. Formerly grasped as the domain of royalty or luminaries, private close protection officers are now in demand for amassed number of clients. Since Mega- rich clients face different kind of threats. Hence, they are therefore required to have services of such professionals. Since agency carrying services of these trained people requires SIA approval. It is therefore hard to pinpoint the right person or agency. TSS being an approved Security Agency of London takes the pride to honor its services to clients across the globe.

Is Personal Security the Only Service You Can Get From Close Protection Officer?

Close Protection Officer may limit you to only one extent. There’s need to think out of the box. Indeed, services of these gurus go beyond then the stated ones only. Protection Officer may carry different type of services ranging from Hostile Environment to Driver. Let’s take a look at some of the areas covered by these experts.

  • Driver
  • Searching Vehicles
  • Transferring client to the Vehicle
  • Travelling
  • Arrival at Destination
  • Return of Principle Secure Location

Since SIA standards cover major aspects and broad categories. However the role of C.P.O is so dynamic. These organizations can’t restrict till one end. There also exists school of thought that romanticize this crucial job and consider if things work more like a film. However this is not the case, in real world scenarios there’s need to add lot more in this endeavor. And that is passion with enthusiasm.

As offering Personal Security is not an easy task. It is therefore suggested to hire services of Professional Security Agency that has equal resources to carry on all the tasks effectively and efficiently.

What Could be the Possible Responsibilities of Close Protection Officer?

Its the responsibility of protection office to avoid risks or coercions. Close Protection Officer (Bodyguard) holds extensive skills to prevent or avoid any uncommon things. Responsibilities of C.P.O varies on a large scale which is depending upon their experiences and the areas they are serving.

Transferring the Principle

This is one of the responsibility by the guard to ensure if vehicle is ready to go. However it should be the responsibility of one guard to stand with the vehicle in order to make the process simple.

Travelling with the Vehicle

Executives and Big shots are always exposed to threats. This is where services of Personal Bodyguard comes. Sometimes Protection Officers travel with their clients. These special people are aware of with the routes and maps of the destination. Close Protection team will try to avoid turnpikes, where traffic is overfilled and slow. Such kinda task is very common in close protection.

Close Protection