Dog Handling

Our Dog Handling Services allows us to utilize the strength and capabilities of our canine partners to support our operational deployments. Security Dog Handling Services are a cost-effective and practical security option because of the Stigma surrounding dogs’ scent and their capabilities pursuing and/or defending targets. Professional dog handlers instil confidence and a calming presence, improving overall site security through a phycological approach. Our general-purpose dogs are well-cared for, with wellbeing being of the highest priority. Unlike other services our dogs are all housed with their direct handlers to meet a range of animal welfare criteria, Further aiding in their ability to coordinate their canine. Dog handling security is required for a wide spectrum of assignments.


  • Site preservation
  • Theft of plant & machinery
  • Theft of fuel
  • Theft of site materials
  • Vandalism
  • Preventing contraband entering
  • Breaches of security into existing buildings
  • Protests and demonstrations