Traveller Evictions

TSS can assist you in evicting travellers from private and/or commercial property. We provide a quick and effective analysis to quickly address any trespassing issues you may be experiencing on your property.

Halsburys Laws of England (Paragraph 1400, Volume 45, 4th Edition) state that:

“If a trespasser peaceably enters or is on land, the person who is in or entitled to possession may request him to leave, and if he refuses to leave, remove him from the land using no more force than is reasonably necessary”

In most cases, landlords can conduct the eviction themselves, however, most will instruct a Certificated Enforcement Agent like tragopan security to carry out the eviction. This is because Our security personnel are educated in the relevant law and procedure and will act within those laws, thus ensuring our practices remain ethical and legal.

Our expert service is here to assist you, the landlord, in exercising your legal right to evict persons from your property without fear or fuss.

We manage all of our evictions in a timely manner by following the normal bailiff eviction method, reducing the stress of the process for you and completing the job without any unwanted disruptions.


TSS has highly qualified and certified enforcement officers that extensively trained and capable of carrying out the eviction process. The TSS team can obtain ownership of your land for you, following all health and safety protocols in order to successfully accomplish our traveller eviction strategies, thanks to their extensive knowledge of legislation and procedure. We are an exceptional group of marketers who are industry leaders in marketing and have an incredibly high success record with our first-notch solutions. Our agents are actual experts with a wealth of market knowledge, delivering traveller evictions. Post traveller eviction If you require assistance following a traveller eviction, TSS will gladly provide a solution that meets your needs. We provide a variety of options to help you keep travellers from regaining access to your seized property.