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The Vital Role Of Security Personnel For Your Hospital

The Importance Of Security Guards For Your Hospital

Hospitals are meant to be safe places, where sick and injured people can recover, and healthcare workers can care for them without fear. Sadly, a recent survey found that NHS staff sometimes expect violence at work. According to YouGov:

  • About 30% of NHS workers who deal with patients face violence once a year.
  • Shockingly, 5% face violence every week.
  • Also, 15% of staff deal with aggression or violence from patients’ family members every year.

If you’re in charge of hospital security, how can you keep patients and staff safe from violence and aggression? Trustworthy security guards can play a pivotal role in enhancing hospital security.

Why Hospitals Need Security

Hospitals have security challenges. While a drunk patient in the emergency room is an obvious threat, there are other reasons hospitals are seen as ‘soft targets’ for criminals:

  • Hospitals are busy, making it hard to know if everyone is there for the right reasons.
  • Many hospitals have many entrances and exits, making it tough to track everyone.
  • Hospitals have valuable equipment that attracts criminals.
  • Patients often bring valuable items like jewelry, which can be stolen.
  • Some hospitals are in remote locations, making it easy for criminals to escape.

How Healthcare Security Guards Help

At Tragopan, our security personnel are not just guards; they are highly trained professionals ready to respond swiftly to emerging threats and challenging situations. This ensures that your hospital’s medical staff can dedicate their undivided attention to delivering exceptional patient care.

Our security officers, sporting a visible and reassuring uniformed presence at hospital entrances, foyers, and vulnerable areas such as emergency departments, perform a multitude of roles:

  • They serve as a deterrent to unlawful or antisocial behavior. The knowledge that their actions might be under scrutiny makes criminals think twice before targeting your hospital.
  • In situations with the potential for escalation, our guards intervene adeptly, preventing more serious or perilous incidents from unfolding.
  • Access to restricted or sensitive areas, like children’s wards, is monitored and regulated efficiently.
  • Collaboration with law enforcement and other emergency services ensures a prompt response in the event of a serious incident.
  • In times of crisis, our personnel assist with the orderly evacuation of patients, visitors, and staff.
  • A warm and professional welcome to visitors upholds your hospital’s reputation, and they provide guidance whenever necessary.

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And if you’re looking for a security company in London, we’re here to help. We’re dedicated to keeping healthcare secure and providing “secure healthcare” for all. Trust Tragopan Security to keep your place, people, and peace of mind safe.


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