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Welcome to
Tragopan Security Solutions

By visiting our website you have taken an important first step in ensuring the safety and security of your property or event

Our guards are regularly trained in to ensure that they are able to observe activity and ensure that it is strictly in line with the provisions of the code of conduct – BS7958.



TSS offers professional Corporate Security with extensive experience, professionalism and unrivalled commitment to our clients.

As an alternative to static guarding we can offer you our Mobile Security Patrols. Our Supervisors keep on checking your property regularly to ensure its safety.

For the popular events attracting many people may cause crowded situations, having potential to cause damage to live and property. Therefore, our proficient trainers help people to overcome this crowd and make the environment cleared and better.

We have the expertise to act as guardians for your property 24 hours a day by offering Key Holding and Alarm Response

Construction Site Security Service is an emerging term in the real estate world. Companies offering such kind of services have couple of trained people whose prime job is to ensure the safety of people who are working on these sites

Door Supervisors can be traced back from 90’s and 20’s when an increased risk of lawsuits and criminal charges persuaded many of the venues concerned to have bouncer(door supervisors) to control the behavior and anything unusual.

Our security guard and security dog team are professionally trained and licensed to conduct all patrols that require assistance. Our dog handling service makes an unbeatable combination to protect your asset.

The close protection industry is flourishing. Formerly grasped as the domain of royalty or luminaries, private close protection officers are now in demand for amassed number of clients.

The increase in criminal damage, theft and assault in recent years has seen the unprecedented rise in the CCTV installation for security systems in the UK which have now become a common feature of our daily lives.