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Professional Key Holding & Alarm Response Services In The UK

Secure Solutions for Every Business: Key Management, Alarm Response, and Lock/Unlock Services

Entrust your security to the experts with Tragopan Security Solutions, providing 24/7 monitoring, key holding, and alarm response services.We provide our customers with full-spectrum security solutions at Tragopan Security Solutions. Our SIA-approved security personnel are the cream of the crop, boasting years of experience and top-notch training in keyholding, alarm response, and lock and unlock services. We bring peace of mind to our clients, so they can rest easy knowing their property is secure. With Tragopan Security Solutions, you can confidently go about your daily routine, safe in the knowledge that we are vigilantly guarding your possessions. 

Our quick response times ensure that your property is secure and protected, as we value safety above all else. We train our guards on first aid and safety measures to ensure peace of mind in an emergency. With us, you can rest assured that your premises will be safe and secure, as we will promptly report suspicious activity to the police. Choose Tragopan Security Solutions and experience the security industry’s top 1% service today.

Key Holding Security You Can Trust

The security of our clients is of utmost importance to Tragopan Security Solutions. That’s why our key holding services provide peace of mind knowing your keys are safe, secure, and off-site. Our experienced security team can be on-call 24/7/365 to provide 24/7 protection to your home whenever you require it.
We understand the importance of protecting your keys and have implemented various security measures to ensure they are always safe. CCTV surveillance and other security measures are in place to monitor our key holding sites. You can be sure that your keys are always securely stored with Tragopan Security Solutions.

  • Highly trained SIA-licensed security professionals provide safety and security to homes and businesses across the UK.
  • We respond quickly and appropriately to alarms and hold keys firmly.
  • With Tragopan Security Solutions, you’ll have the best of all worlds – protection, convenience, and flexibility.

Alarm Response within Minutes

After leaving your property every night, you may feel vulnerable to threats such as burglary and thievery. However, with Tragopan Security Solutions, you can rest assured that the security of your property is taken care of with our alarm response service. Our team of experienced security personnel is available 24/7 to investigate any alarm activations.
Our team at Tragopan Security Solutions knows just how crucial it is to respond quickly to security issues. That’s why we aim to respond within 30 minutes so that you can have peace of mind knowing that an SIA-licensed security officer will be on the scene as soon as possible. With Tragopan Security Solutions, you can rest assured that criminals cannot enter your property.

Business locks and unlocks.

When you are looking for the right employee to open and close your business daily, Tragopan Security Solutions can help. Let us provide a professional and reliable key holder service to take the stress out of the equation. Our experienced and trustworthy officers will ensure that your company opens and closes timely and efficiently.
At Tragopan Security Solutions, we’re committed to providing your business with the highest levels of security and safety. Our key holder service offers you the added benefit of a highly trained and experienced officer who can be relied upon to open and close your business securely and promptly. Not only does this free up your staff to focus on the day-to-day running of your business, but it also provides an added security element. With our qualified officers on the job, you’ll be sure your business is protected from any criminal attempts to access your property.

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