Keyholding and Response Alarms is a service in which one of the contractor has a duplicate set of your premises keys. And therefore is well aware of your alarm codes. Carrier of these codes and keys is able to attend to your security. And hence they can activate alarms in case needed during security breach. Services of these professionals are hired by private as well as commercial property holders.


Due to ACPO Policy and instructions from Health and Safety Executive. They use the professional Key holding services which is now becoming more imperative. As an instant, services of these professionals are now considered as ever growing business necessities. Wondering why these services are becoming important? This is because Keyholding Company protects your premises by the time you are away. Secondly their services ensure that alarm broke out in your company is not felicitous. And therefore someone didn’t hit that deliberately.

Moreover Keyholding Company will be the first one to respond in event of alarm activation in your premises. These companies monitor the situation around the clock. And their quickest colleagues sitting at backend are in constant consultation with the whole team. It is anything uncommon is then coordinated with the nearby Patrol Supervisor.



If you are the keyholder of the business or premise, you should be aware of the following things:-

  • Your first contact in case of anything uncommon
  • Alarm Activation codes
  • Duplicate keys in case of emergency or urgency
  • Make sure your availability by all the times
  • Understand the mechanics of how to operate the alarm
  • Respond as quickly as possible in line with ACPO guidelines

Above mentioned are some of the points. While knowledge area of an expert Keyholding is not limited to the stated points only. Now rather expert enthusiast would always deliver one step ahead and that’s the most reliable and unhalted services.

So whether you don’t want to deal with your house alarm disrupting your good night’s sleep. Or would rather not be worried about it going off if you are out for the day. So ever ready Alarm Responding Unit and brisk keyholders of our team are always there to provide their services to you.