Mobile Patrol

Our SIA licensed; highly trained mobile response units are primed to attend any on site activations.

This service is best suited to organisations who want to maintain a high degree of security and safety on their premises or site but don’t require a permanent security officer. Our mobile patrol service is the most cost-effective and efficient alternative to having a permanent security guard on site.

 In the event of an activation,

  • our response units will attend to check the integrity of your site security.
  • A full site inspection will be conducted and in the event of an emergency, our units will remain on site and manage the situation until the threat is eliminated. Liaising directly with you and emergency services as and when necessary.
  • A live detailed report of the incident including date, time and actions taken, will be provided to you.

At TSS all visits to the contracted premises are digitally recorded and scheduled at random intervals to avoid creating an apparent pattern that may be exploited by criminals.

Our patrol monitoring system is installed at the premises to ensure that patrols are carried out appropriately, and reports are downloaded and given to clients on a regular basis. The patrol monitoring system guarantees that patrols are conducted in an efficient, dependable, and cost-effective manner.

Our SIA-licensed guards are trained to not only act as a visible deterrent, but also to be incredibly helpful in the early detection of any potential concerns, such as personnel leaving windows open or alarm faults. Any problems will be reported to our 24-hour control centre, which will examine the situation and notify the relevant parties.