Vacant Property Inspections

In order to comply with insurance rules, landlords and property management businesses across the UK are required to conduct frequent unoccupied property inspections. Vacant property inspections are performed to determine the property’s integrity, safety, and welfare. By integrating the newest technology with highly experienced personnel, Tragopan security solutions can provide an accountable and dependable solution.

Tragopan Security Solutions offers a comprehensive vacant property inspection service to businesses, We provide you the peace of mind that your property is being inspected and managed to the highest standards using the most up-to-date reporting technologies.

Property Inspections – When a property is known to be empty it becomes a huge target for squatters and thieves.

Vacant property inspections are a low-cost approach to keep your property safe while also serving as a visual deterrent. Our team of security professionals will inspect your property on a regular basis. As part of the inspection our officers can record any information you require such as gas and electric meter readings, they can also complete an agreed template form and add pictures if needed keeping you updated on current events.

TSS will undertake a full site risk assessment based on the property’s particular requirements once initial contact is established. These requirements will govern the reporting system for unoccupied property inspections, including how often they must be conducted, where portions of the property must be inspected, and other site-specific targets.