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Close Protection Services

Proactive Close Protection Security in the UK

For your safety, trust our team of highly trained and disciplined close protection officers. Day or night, we’re ready to serve you 24x7x365 with risk management that puts your mind at ease.Our team knows that you want nothing but the best when it comes to close and personal protection. That’s why Tragopan Security Solutions offers Professional Close Protection and Bodyguard Services across the UK.

When you choose Tragopan Security Solutions, you choose the highest quality in close protection and bodyguard services. We are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for you and your family.

No matter what level of security you need, we can provide it. Tragopan Security Solutions has your back if you want occasional protection or regular professional security services. For complete peace of mind, choose Tragopan Security Solutions for Professional Close Protection and Bodyguard Services in the UK.

  • Top-Notch Close Protection Services
  • A Sense of Premium Security
  • Safety Investment with High Returns
  • Elite Security Guards And SIA-Licensed Personnel

Protection Services Provided by Us

VIP Close Protection

Our elite team of experienced professionals goes the extra mile to ensure your safety and peace of mind. We have the skills to seamlessly blend security tactics into everyday life while keeping you safe from harm. Our tailored security solutions fit your budget, personal risk level, and lifestyle. So, no matter the threat, you can count on us for personal protection that’s as unobtrusive as comprehensive.

Asset & High-Value Goods Protection

A premier provider of asset and high-value goods protection, Tragopan Security Solutions is here to help you. With a global network of resources and over a decade of reputable experience, we offer intuitive security solutions to ensure your susceptible, valuable goods are never vulnerable or compromised. We utilize the latest Internet of Things, asset tracking, and comprehensive security technologies to allow you to rest guaranteed, knowing your valuable goods are being monitored and protected.

Security Chauffeurs

Security chauffeurs for your important organization, VIPs, or dignitaries are available at Tragopan Security Solutions, the premier security provider. Our security chauffeurs possess the necessary skills and training to ensure that your VIPs, dignitaries, and other essential persons are safely transported to their destination quickly and securely. Regardless of your transportation needs, our security chauffeurs are committed to ensuring your safety and enjoyment.

Residential Security

At Tragopan Security Solutions, your safety and security come first. That’s why we provide high-level residential security services, with 24/7 close protection, to give you the peace of mind you deserve. Our experienced professionals possess advanced training in threat assessment, tactical operations, and surveillance so that you can have confidence in your well-being. With Tragopan Security Solutions, you’ll never have to worry about your security again.

Security VIP Event Security

As the go-to security firm for high-end business and entertainment events, Tragopan Security Solutions provides reliable, customized security services. Our knowledgeable and highly trained security staff is devoted to guarding your event and the safety of your guests.
From advanced security screenings and secure perimeter control to crowd management and watching out for anyone suspicious, our staff takes VIP events to the next level of safety and peace of mind.

Ensure High-Level Security with Tragopan Solutions

Tragopan Security Solutions protects those with a high net worth from criminals in the UK. We provide exceptional close protection security services to make sure our clients are always safe from the threat of serious security incidents. Our experienced professionals have worked with many clients and use their knowledge and expertise to deliver industry-leading solutions. We collaborate closely with our clients to ensure they receive the best possible service.

Experience Unrivalled Security with Tragopan Solutions!

The Tragopan Security Solutions team has provided customized protection over the past two decades. Our highly-trained and licensed close protection officers can offer discreet or visible security measures, guaranteeing that your daily security is a top priority. Every one of our security officers has a license from the UK Security Industry Authority, and they can provide services ranging from celebrity protection to personal bodyguards for high-net-worth individuals. With Tragopan Security Solutions, you can know that your safety is in the best hands.

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  • Top-Notch Close Protection Services
  • A Sense of Premium Security
  • Safety Investment with High Returns
  • Elite Security Guards And SIA-Licensed Personnel
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